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San Diego Attorney Articles

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Watkins discusses ex San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner's, recent release from house arrest and the effects of felony probation. Watkins also discusses what life will be like for Filner now that he is on felony probation.

Brian Watkins talks to Kaushal Patel of U-T TV San Diego on Police Officer's ability to search cell phones of suspects. The Supreme Court is now looking into landmark cases involving the officer's right to search a cell phone without a warrant. Listen to the entire interview:

Associate Attorney Deanne Arthur talks to Fox News San Diego about the potential sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer. Attorney Arthur explains the ramifications of the announcement that Sterling has alzheimer disease and how that effects the Sterling family trust. Arthur also explains the impact of Sterling's pending lawsuit against the NBA for breach of contract and violating his Due Process rights.

Watch the full interview by clicking the below link:

Several former NFL players have recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming that the league doctors improperly prescribed them painkillers. The athletes now claim that they have endured lasting drug addictions because the league did not provide adequate warnings about the drugs.

Associate Attorney Deanne Arthur, Esq. spoke to KUSI News San Diego and UT-TV to shed some light on some of the possible allegations and defenses in this case.

Arthur explained that while the NFL has an employer/employee relationship with the athletes, they must provide safe working conditions for the athletes. However, the biggest issue is how the athletes are going to prove that the league doctors did not provide warnings. Many of the athletes are claiming that the drugs were prescribed in the 80's. Finding records and doctor witnesses will be a challenge over 30 years later.

In the wake of several public officials and police officers being arrested for inappropriate behavior, "body cameras" are being placed on police officer uniforms. Attorney Brian Watkins, who is a lawsuit against Officer Christopher Hayes for inappropriately touching several women, talk about the recent implamenation of cameras.

Associate Attorney Deanne Arthur discusses the lawsuit filed by former NFL athletes. The athletes have filed a lawsuit alleging that the NFL supplied them with drugs and alcohol over the course of their careers with no warnings or information as to the long-term effect the drugs would have.

Some players allege that they endured problems such as addiction, homelessness, bankruptcy, and even prison due to the NFL supplying them with drugs.

Deanne Arthur, Esq. analyzes the lawsuit with Rick Amato and discusses some the legal challenges the players will faces in proving their case.

Authorities have learned that a minor intentionally started the Cocos fires that devastated families and destroyed thousands of acres. The authorities have not released a gender or age but confirmed it was a minor.

Attorney Deanne Arthur discusses the possible legal ramifications this minor faces and how the court system might handle this case. Watch her entire interview with Kaushal Patel below: