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Embezzlement is a offense that criminal prosecutors take very seriously. The perception that an executive or any other employee betrayed the trust of his or her company so that they can line his or her pockets is galling, and juries are usually unforgiving in these cases.

Brian Watkin's criminal defense attorneys have aided numerous clients like you who have actually been accused of embezzlement. These cases are usually rather complex, involving hard, complicated financial questions and hard-to-decipher papers and ledgers.

We know just what to expect in embezzlement cases and other white collar crimes. We’re equipped to provide you with a spirited, competent legal protection.

The Details of Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a type of fraudulence that revolves around a betrayal of financial trust by one or more parties to a transaction or series of deals.

Commerce generally relies upon one party to a deal placing trust in another party’s honesty. A customer has to trust that the person he’s investing will make use of the cash in the agreed-upon way, and a business has to trust that employees who handle the firm’s finances are directing the cash appropriately.

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The classic example of embezzlement is a high-ranking executive funneling company funds into his very own bank account. However, these cases are often much more complex than that, and if you are accused of embezzlement, finding the right criminal protection legislation firm to represent you will be important if you're to show your innocence.

How We Can Help

No attorney can guarantee you an acquittal or a positive plea deal. There are no guarantees in the law, and if a lawyer attempts to guarantee you a certain outcome, you should discover another lawyer.

Still, finding the right criminal defense law company means a lot. We can utilize our years of knowledge to help you by:

  • Negotiating with your company to find an out-of-court solution
  • Examining the relevant economic data
  • Finding flaws in the prosecution’s case
  • Investigating the details of the case
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to achieve a plea deal