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Nine criminal defendants are not the only ones who are on trial, here, in a San Diego, California, courtroom. This trial, it turns out, is more about the American legal system. Today, this court’s irrational decisions, as attested to by the raised eyebrows, sideways glances, and sharp words of each of the nine defense attorneys present, proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the criminal sat not in front of, but behind the bench.

American justice, as evidenced in the courtroom of Judge David M. Gill this past Friday, Jan. 23, 2015, cares not any longer about the emasculated US Constitution. As the trial of innocent Rap musician Brandon “Tiny Doo” Duncan (pictured above, right) began at 1:30 PM, it would be a matter of minutes before this supposed trial became a surreal, Kafka-esque scene of first-time, twisted legal logic, turning two-hundred-plus years of legal precedent into farce.


Rapper Brandon 'Tiny Doo' Duncan and his defense attorney Brian Watkins join "CNN Tonight" to discuss criminal charges stemming from the violent nature of his lyrics.


Within days of Californians’ overwhelming approval of an initiative that knocks low-level felonies down to misdemeanors, life in jail is ending for hundreds of felons and felony suspects.

Public defenders throughout the state kicked into overtime, working even on Veterans Day to manage thousands of situations of individuals awaiting verdicts or already doing time.

More than 4,700 state prison inmates are qualified for resentencing and feasible release under the brand new law, in accordance to the Ca Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Thousands more serving time in county jails or waiting for trial could stop up with lighter sentences and walk free.

Under Proposition 47, California is the first state to reduce a broad array of nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors — including drug control, theft, possession of stolen goods, forgery, shoplifting and check or credit card fraudulence involving less than $950. Defendants with records of violence or intercourse offenses are not qualified for more lenient charges.

“After the election, those crimes are no longer felonies,” said Allen Hopper, criminal justice and drug policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Ca. The national ACLU contributed $3.5 million in support of Prop 47.

Rap song lyrics describing gang activity are in controversial and historical legal spotlight regarding gang conspiracy involving shootings.


San Diego, CA - January 14, 2015 -  After more than six months in jail, a local San Diego Rap Artist, Brandon Duncan “Tiny Doo” may soon be released from custody. Conspiracy charges have been dropped in the case against Duncan and 15 other individuals charged.  San Diego criminal defense attorney Brian Watkins who represents Duncan anticipates this unusual case to set a legal precedence.

Associate Attorney, Deanne Arthur on NBC news San Diego commenting on the Chargers demanding the release of the team Doctor and the impact of the multiple malpractice lawsuits filed against him.

Arthur made note that given all of the media attention surrounding NFL injuries, especially in light of the death of NFL professional athlete Junior Seau, the Chargers must pay particular attention to the health care being provided to their athletes.

Judge rules evidence didn't show defendants benefited from crimes of gang violence

By Kristina Davis 5:55 P.M.JAN. 13, 2015

SAN DIEGO - A controversial part of a gang conspiracy case that criminalizes rap lyrics and Facebook postings appears to be unraveling.

In one of the first tests of a state gang conspiracy law, a judge dropped charges this week against a group of men whose accusations of assisting in and promoting gang violence were based merely on their music and social media activities.

The ruling Monday by San Diego Superior Court Judge David Gill is likely to reverberate among other defendants in this case and another as they petition to have similar conspiracy charges dismissed.


"Both sides agreed that the plaintiff would keep Winslow's security deposit and Winslow would not have to pay any additional monies - CBS News 

Big win for our client!

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