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Hit and Run

Contact Brian Watkins and Associates and talk with one of our law firm's skilled California Hit and Run attorneys, committed to protecting your liberties and minimizing or eliminating the potentially harmful impacts of the mistake. Allow our years of knowledge and successful techniques work for you.

Why contact a CA Hit and run lawyer now?

The sooner you contact our office, the quicker we can assist you accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Avoid arrest.
  2. Avoid the shame of being arrested at home or at work.
  3. Avoid the stress and anxiety that accompanies an arrest.
  4. Avoid the cost of having to publish bail.
  5. Avoid the time and cost of your case likely to Court.
  6. Many notably, avoid a conviction that will tarnish your good record.
  7. Avoid penalties that come with a conviction.

We are a experienced attorneys dedicated to helping our accused clients resolve their appropriate issues.
Our Attorneys are highly skilled Courtroom attorneys. We are additionally excellent negotiators, where it's in our Client’s best interest.
If you have actually been involved in an accident in which you left the scene without trading your license and insurance coverage information for whatever explanation, contact us today. Our attorneys regularly appear in Courts in San Diego county. We will personally meet with you, your friend or loved one, and explain how our proven strategies and successful track record of defending California Hit and Run cases can work for you!

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