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If you or someone you love has recently been arrested for a DUI in San Diego, CA we hope that you know that we are here to help. We understand just how stressful being arrested for a DUI can be and our San Diego DUI lawyer is ready, ready and able to protect you or your loved one against this criminal DUI charge. It's important to keep in mind that being arrested for a DUI does maybe not imply you are responsible or will be convicted.

The San Diego DUI Experts at Brian Watkins & Associates are a large driven law firm that is no stranger to battles with the federal government. Essentially every DUI case is a battle using the federal and local government. The police arrest and testify against you. The San Diego City Attorney or District Attorney has almost limitless man-power to prosecute the case. To be successful, you require a lawyer that has a track record of success litigating against the prosecution.

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In San Diego if you're arrested for a criminal DUI, there are specific steps you can take to assist stay away from a conviction. The first step is consulting with a skilled San Diego DUI attorney. No two cases are the exact same and our attorneys have an excellent comprehension of the law. Their considerable legal knowledge and familiarity using DUI defense procedures with be vital to your criminal defense.

Some people believe that they will reduce the cost of a DUI by pleading to the charges and getting the legal procedures out of the way. Unfortunately, this seldom works out this way. The impacts of a guilty or no contest plea to a DUI charge are far from achieving success and the final price may exceed $10,000. While hiring a San Diego DUI criminal lawyer may appear expensive at very first, the expenses are typically minimal when using the cost of a DUI conviction into account. Our office provides free consultations to potential clients to assist them assess whether or not hiring an experienced DUI attorney in San Diego is the right decision for them.