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Dog Bites

The San Diego dog bite attorneys at Brian Watkins and Associates understand the difficulty of dealing with an injury received in an animal assault. While most domesticated animals have been bred to be safe around men and women and children, there are a few owners who raise their animals to be vicious dogs, often causing animal bites and dog attacks on unsuspecting visitors and passersby. Dog bites are the second most regular explanation for emergency visits; thousands of victims experience injuries that require medical attention. If you or your kid had been hurt from a dangerous animal or dog bite, we can assist you get the settlement you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. We are dedicated to assisting people all across San Diego to get reasonable compensation for their accidents. Brian Watkins handles cases involving dog bite bite injury claims.


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Dog bites can cause severe physical issues or disfigurement and can additionally be emotionally traumatizing. A significant number of dog bites include the family puppy or a dog with which the victim is familiar. These claims may be covered by insurance coverage therefore even in these circumstances victims should perhaps not wait to take appropriate action because dog bites can be serious enough to impact them physically and emotionally for the rest of their life. Dog owners are responsible for maintaining their pets restrained or supervised. If you've been attacked by a dog while it was free or unleashed, the owner and their homeowners’ insurance company may be responsible.