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Personal Injury

A severe injury will forever alter the victim’s life. Your recovery may take months or even years, and, in some of the absolute most tragic instances, may never ever be possible. Although no quantity of money can make-up for the losses these severe accidents inflict, it is essential that victims of serious damage be paid for their medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, as well as any future care that may be necessary. That's the reason keeping a skilled personal injury attorney is essential to managing your situation in the absolute most effective way.


San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Brian Watkins


Brian Watkins and Associates have the expertise and skills needed to achieve the best feasible results and to maximize recovery for each of our clients. Our approach is easy and is applied consistently: we thoroughly investigate each claim, apply our many years of knowledge and comprehension about the civil law procedure, and put in the hours necessary to properly protect victims and their families.

Our San Diego attorneys have effectively negotiated and litigated a broad assortment of severe personal injury cases in Southern California. If somebody in your family has suffered a terrible injury as the result of somebody else’s wrongdoing, contact our firm today to talk about your situation.