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Brian E. Watkins has extensive trial experience in both criminal and civil matters. He tried the biggest civil rights case in San Diego County! Call Today! 619.255.5930



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Brian E. Watkins & Associates

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    Brian E. Watkins has extensive trial experience in both criminal and civil matters. He tried the biggest civil rights case in San Diego County and forced change in the San Diego police department's use of force policies. He was instrumental in requiring police to use non-lethal weapons in dealing with unarmed persons.

    At Brian E. Watkins & Associates we are committed to an aggressive pursuit of justice in an attempt to protect our clients. Our law office has been successfully representing clients' rights in criminal and civil cases for almost 20 years. Our decisions are always made with our client's best interest in mind, and directed toward achieving the best possible outcome for every case.

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    Criminal Law Expertise and effectiveness in protecting people’s rights The law offices of Brian E. Watkins & Associates has experience in both State and Federal Courts defending clients in a wide variety of criminal cases.
    Civil Litigatioin the best, the most aggressive, and the most relentless representation Brian E. Watkins & Associates will also recover damages in civil litigation and we only collect a fee if we are successful in recovering the damages owed. We focus on representing clients involved in a wide variety of cases.

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